Google launches Google Trips in India

Ramping up its focus on travel, internet search giant Google will launch its new product Google Trips in India this week. In Addition, it will be available on ios and android and will work even without the internet, requires users to have Gmail accounts through which it can cull out information on trips such as flight tickets and hotel reservations, and can plan itineraries around it.

At first Eric Zimmerman, director, product development at Google told ET that the company has introduced other new products like Google Destinations and Plan A Trip this year and the focus is being mobile first. There was a 50% increase in travel-related searches on mobile phones for Google last year.

“We really need to be first for mobile. So a lot of our product design is mobile first. It’s about less typing more tapping. Google Trips can learn from email confirmations on flight and reservation details on Gmail about what trips users are going to take. In the app it will create a trip and you can download useful information. Users can go through the information on the plane and they don’t need a SIM card card or wifi networks,” said Zimmerman.

Zimmerman said in the travel space, Google has been adding some new messaging applications that have Google assistance built into it. “We have been building travel cases to add into it. We will be adding more and more useful things for travelers,” he said.

In March 2016, Google introduced Google Destinations which provides structured results for trips and vacations. “If you search for a country or a city with the word destination, you will get all the information you need about a destination in one place. Plan A Trip allows users to use our core flight data and technology to summarise what a trip would cost. Users can tap on a plan a trip tab and can see the best time to travel costs,” said Zimmerman.

Above all, “When people want to buy something in the travel industry it’s really hard to make that purchase at times because of multiple details. People just drop off at times. In any case use all the existing data for Google users to execute that booking. We’re just making it easier as it takes very little information to complete the booking. As a result users it becomes easy and partners like it as conversion rates are very high. We have partnered with airlines, online travel agents and suppliers covering around 170000 hotels,” said Zimmerman.

Google Allo Gets Hindi Assistant

Google, as promised, has started rolling out Hindi Assistant to its Allo instant messaging app in India. To recall, Google at its Make for India event in September had promised that Allo will receive Hindi Assistant later this year.

Apart from Hindi Assistant, Google’s Allo app will now be able to include “Smart Reply” in Hindi language as well, with the help of machine learning. Google says that the new features will begin rolling out on Google Allo for Android and iOS users from Monday, and will be available on all devices over the “coming few days”.

The new feature is focused on bringing the non-English speakers online.

Google also announced that India has the highest number of Allo users. With the latest feature, Google Assistant in Allo will now understand and respond in Hindi. To start talking in Hindi inside Assistant, Allo users will have to say “Talk to me in Hindi”, or they can also change the language preference setting on the device. Announcing the new Hindi addition to Allo, Google also claims that the app will understand text alongside images in Hindi using machine learning algorithms.

“Smart Reply will recognise the language you’re chatting in and begin to show suggested responses in that language,” says Google in a press statement.

Google Allo continues to show “Smart Reply” in English if users chat in the English language though when it detects Hindi, it will start showing suggestions in the language. Once again, this setting can be tweaked via your device’s language settings.

Announcing the new Hindi addition, Amit Fulay, Group Product Manager, Google said, “Since its launch, Google Allo has received tremendous response, especially in India, which has one of the highest number of Google Allo users. The Google Assistant, in particular, is one of the most loved features in Google Allo – one in every 12 messages in group chats are messages to the Google Assistant. We are enthused by this and today’s launch enables us to extend these features to the next millions of users in a language of their choice.”

Say Hello to Google Allo: A Smarter Messaging App


Google propelled Google Allo on 27th Nov, an informing application for Android and iOS with Smart Reply and Google Assistant. You can download Allo from Google Play and Apple’s App Store; however you may need to hold up a bit, and as this is a progressive rollout. Like its cousin, “the application will be live worldwide in the following few days,” the organization says. Remember, in any case, that both Smart Reply and Google Assistant are English-just for the time being, with “more dialects coming soon.”

Allo is Google’s endeavor to make a “brilliant” Android App Developer that helps you stay in contact with your contacts as well as arrangement and discover data, also. It should “keep your discussions going, by giving help when you require it,” and in addition giving you “a chance to say progressively and accomplish all the more right inside your visits.” at the end of the day, Google is trusting Allo will develop into a stage, in the same way as other informing applications as of now have.

Dissimilar to Duo, which just requires a telephone number to begin, Allo likewise utilizes your Google account. You can detach your record from Allo, in any case, and the main contrast is that the application won’t have the capacity to take advantage of your own data in your other Google Allo Features— like Calendar, Gmail, and Photos.

Allo, alongside video calling application Duo, was uncovered at Google’s I/O 2016 engineer meeting and made accessible in private beta, with the guarantee of a late spring dispatch. Duo was discharged a month ago, and now Allo has made it just under the wire: The most recent day of summer is September 21.
Fox clarified that Duo propelled in front of Allo in light of the fact that advancement for the previous really began first. Duo has as of now seen 10 million downloads on Android, yet Fox wouldn’t share what number of downloads it has seen on iOS, expressing only that the group is “content with advancement on both Android and iOS.”

Where Allo truly needs to emerge, however, is with Google Assistant. While you’re talking, the Android App Development can ring in with accommodating recommendation or assignments. Thus, for instance, in case you’re conversing with a companion about supper arranges, the Assistant can offer to discover an eatery or add an occasion to your schedule.

Allo is as of now taking off for Android and iOS clients. Tragically, there’s no desktop partner yet, which puts Allo at a particular disservice to other informing applications. Still, it’s sufficiently intriguing to look at.

Wrap Up
In the event that you get a kick out of the chance to Google things a considerable measure while you’re visiting and you have a great deal of companions on iOS and Android, Google Allo App Download could be a decent alternative for you.

The organization began Allo’s take off on Wednesday in India and will keep on doing so all around throughout the following few days.
The keen reaction feature and Google Allo for Android bot just work in English right at this point.