When starting a new website, one of the first and most important decisions you have to make is choosing a domain name. That choice will impact the website’s success in nearly every area.

You may have a list of options that you know are available, but what should you keep in mind when you sit down to make the decision?

Your brand is important, and your domain name is the foundation upon which your online brand will be built. It is how users will find, remember, share and identify your company online. In both social media and search engines, the name is the primary way by which users can identify where the link will lead.

4 Tips for Choosing a Domain!

  1. Pick a .com extension:  In most cases, .com is the best choice. This is because .com is the standard, the norm. Most users assume a company’s website will end with .com; after all, 75% of all websites have a .com extension.
  2. Be memorable:  Users must be able to easily remember your name/brand, because we believe “Brand is the sum total of how someone perceives a particular organization. You can only have a lasting influence on how people perceive you if they actually remember you.
  3. Be relevant. Words have implicit meanings and connotations; do a little research to ensure that your the name communicates your desired message. Run a Survey, and depending on the responses you receive should provide valuable insight into any implicit meanings your choose name may connote.
  4. Easy to spell. Above all,The name must be easy to spell. Avoid commonly misspelled words, intentional misspellings and hyphens.Your domain name should sound like a trustworthy authority.

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