Archiving and e-Discovery made easy

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Archive and Manage in place

Archiving and eDiscovery made easy

  • Retention policies : Define retention policies that are automatically applied to your email and chat messages.
  • Email and chat archiving : Your email and chat messages are archived and retained according to your policies, preventing inadvertent deletions.
  • E-discovery : Be prepared for litigation and compliance audits with powerful search tools that help you find and retrieve relevant email and chat messages.
  • Legal hold to preserve information : Place legal holds on users as needed. Email and chat messages can’t be deleted by users when they’re placed on hold.
  • Easy exporting : Export specific email and chat messages to standard formats for additional processing and review.
  • Audit reports to keep track of activity : Run reports on user activity and actions in the archive. Searches, message views, exports and more are shown.
  • Information Governance : Google Vault for Work allows you to reduce risk and costs associated with litigation and compliance audits. You can add capabilities that help your business be prepared for these situations.
  • Retain Business Documents : Businesses to define standard retention policies for Gmail and chat messages. Once a message reaches the end of the retention period, disposition is automatic to ensure compliance with retention policies. The automated process ensures that no data subject to a legal hold is deleted and reduces the risks of spoliation and noncompliance. Message holds help ensure email and chat messages can be preserved beyond their standard retention period for a legal matter or an investigation.