Top 5 Best PHP Frameworks for 2016 To Become a Master Web Developer

PHP web frameworks have their very own biological community in the realm of web advancement. PHP frameworks are utilized to assemble sites and web utilizations of all sizes and many-sided quality, going from little static sites to huge scale complex undertaking content administration frameworks.

PHP is the dialect of decision for Modern Web Development with right around 80% of all the current sites breathing on PHP code. It would have been beside difficult to make such an immense web impression by creating web applications utilizing crude PHP code without any preparation.

Why Use A PHP Framework?

Top and most normal reasons why designers like a PHP framework and why PHP framework is the simplest way.

  • Less code and speedier advancement
  • Great Community support
  • Performance Tools
  • Suitable for cooperation
  • MVC design
  • Utilities and libraries

By the web exploration and individual utilization of PHP Frameworks For Developers at long last come to best PHP frameworks list for 2016.

1. PhalconPHP

PhalconPHP is the quickest framework and turn into an expert engineer. Full-stack framework for PHP composed as a C-expansion, streamlined for superior. You don’t have to learn C in light of the fact that is uncovered as PHP classes prepared for you to utilize.

  • Learning bend is so natural
  • Easy to utilization of ORM in PhalconPHP
  • Direct Injection that encourages simple to-make programming which tests end to end applications.
  • Neat and clean natural API with strong code composed on effective configuration designs

2. Laravel

Laravel is undisputedly the ruler of Best PHP framework for 2016 and traverses the widths and profundities of extensive scale web application improvement. Laravel biological framework has rapidly become gigantic with steady group and brags huge amounts of free instructional exercises and learning assets to kick you off inside no time.


  • Laravel features including RESTful routing, local PHP or light weight enticing motor and numerous more components.
  • Inherent Database Version control
  • Built-in unit testing and just coherent great sentence framework
  • Larger Community obliging a large number of programming nerds and application designers

3. Symfony

Symfony is Amazing PHP framework for making a sites and web applications and most suited framework for moderate. It has been based on highest points of Symfony parts, for example, Drupal, EZ Publish, and phpBB. With more than 300,000 engineers on board.

  • Stable, supportable and adaptable 3 in 1 framework that is rapidly versatile to every one of your needs
  • Symfony is an arrangement of reusable PHP parts
  • Open Source PHP framework for creating web applications
  • Easy to introduce and arrange on generally stages

4. Yii Framework

Yii is a cutting edge PHP framework best to create modern web application and APIs. Yii is a free, open-source Web application advancement framework so natural to utilize. It’s composed in PHP5 that advances perfect, DRY outline and supports quick improvement.

  • Yii receives the demonstrated MVC design, which takes into account clean partition of concerns
  • With the assistance of Yii, gathering info greatly simple and safe
  • Zero arrangement required to let the undertaking simpler for you Thorough upkeep

5. CakePHP

In case you’re a web designer need a straightforward and a rich toolbox for making highlight stacked and outwardly amazing web applications, then CakePHP is the framework for you.

  • MVC Pattern – Model bolster information taking care of, with the model class you can embed, upgrade, erase or read the information from the database.
  • Perfectly suited for business applications
  • Proper class legacy
  • Easily reach out with Components, Helpers, Behaviors, and Plug-ins

The Final Note

Presently, we know laravel and other prevalent frameworks. At long last, we can say loudly, “Which is the best Framework?” and “Why is the best?”

Finally, looking into these frameworks, now we mindful of all frameworks best for Web 2.0 Development.

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