Google brings Wi-fi station, data-light YouTube for India.

On 27th Sept 2016 Google announced a bouquet of new products for the Indian market that are suited to work with low Internet speeds.
These include a new Wi-fi station also called as Google Station, a video app called ‘YouTube Go’ and an offline feature for Chrome web browser and faster loading in Google Play on 2G network.
This will provide more people in India and around the world fast, reliable, and secure Wi-Fi in places like malls, transit stations, and cafes.
Besides, users on a low-bandwidth connection will now be able to choose and install an app through their mobile network or install it when the phone next connects to Wi-Fi.
Google is also focusing on the next million of users who will come online in the coming years in regional languages other than English.
It is also in news that the new messaging app ‘Allo’ will introduce support in Hindi for its Google Assistant later this year.
Google has also announced a group of tailored features for Chrome, like automatic optimising of pages when 2G-like networks are detected.
These simplified pages load up to 2X faster, saving more than 90 per cent of data usage. This data saver feature will now support videos as well, helping users save upto 67 per cent data.
Mr Rajan Anandan, Vice-President, India and South East Asia said the company’s vision is to make India a global hub of innovation and produce high quality mobile developers who will build not just for India but for the world.

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